Sunday worship at Rolla United Methodist Church, Rolla, North Dakota.

Rolla United Methodist Church


Dearest Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

You are in my thoughts and in my prayers frequently. I have with you my joy regarding the time I spend in prayer in my office every morning. I do earnestly pray for each of you, by name, every single morning that I spend in my office. It is my favorite part of my morning office routine. In those times of prayer, I draw closer to God, and to you in my heart while simultaneously letting go of many of my self-imposed, self-centered burdens.

But I don't limit my prayer time to just those few minutes in my office. I am an opportunistic prayer-er. I pray as often as the mood strikes me, wherever it strikes me. Cindy and I pray before every meal that we have together giving God thanks for the food and our time together. I frequently offer prayers of gratitude to God while I am driving to, and between churches during my "Sunday morning commute".

As part of my ongoing effort to lose a few pounds of body weight, I have been taking brisk walks before I go to the office. I walk all over, and all around Cando. As I walk, and as I pass by the houses of people that I know, I offer a silent prayer to God for them. I have also found that I can keep up a steady walking pace by praying my own "walking version" of a simple breath prayer by silently saying "Thank you, God" as I walk. The "Thank you" comes as my left foot comes down, and I silently say "God" as my right foot comes down. Over, and over, and over again, I give thanks to God for what I see and how I feel as I walk, and distance passes by quickly. I have found that the joy that I feel for the blessings I receive is magnified when I intentionally give thanks to God for them.

Prayer is a time when we can let go of "self" and the cares that sometimes threaten to overwhelm us, while drawing nearer to GOd and those whom we love at the same time.

Prayer works. Prayer works wonders for us, and prayer works wonders in us. So, because I do care about you, and I do want the very best for you, I pray that you will pray. Your prayers do not have to be fancy, or even uttered aloud, God already knows your prayer concerns. Scripture tells us that "Even before a word is on my tongue, O LORD, you know it completely." (Psalm 139:4) God knows all about us. God knows our fears, our joys, our worries. Prayer gives us a way to vocalize, and work through the things in our lives, both good and bad. Our God who loves us beyond measure is patient to hear us, and faithful to answer us.

Pray whenever you can, pray however you can, pray because you can, pray because prayer is good for you and this world in which we live.

I sincerely pray that your prayers will draw you ever nearer to God, and that your prayers will bring blessings to you, your neighbors, and this world in which we live.

Pastor Rick

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